Sunday, June 21, 2015


Happy Summer, officially! With my favorite season in the city well underway, I have to say it is a constant balance between the struggles of humidity and sitting inside long enough to write these blog posts! When will Central Park get WiFi so I can blog in my backyard? A few weeks overdue, but a thunderstorm this afternoon finally motivated me to share this June block party at the Bushwick Collective. 

Muralists from all over the world celebrated a new season of street art this month, re-painting nearly ever wall in the neighborhood. The colorful concrete jungle has murals ranging from tributes to cartoons and wild animals, next to portraits and pops of graffiti, and it's a glorious collaboration. 

For anyone who hasn't been to Bushwick before, well, you're missing out. So if you venture so far as to the depths of Brooklyn, get off the L train at Jefferson St. As you exit the subway, put your phone away and open your eyes. The street art that plasters Bushwick is impossible to miss and covers almost every stretch of wall for as far as you can see. Head northeast on Troutman towards St. Nicholas & Wyckoff, and you'll find yourself in the middle of an amazing outdoor gallery. 

Enjoy -- New Edition at the Bushwick Collective! 
If this isn't the definition of a concrete jungle, I don't know what is
Art by @werc 
Homer Square Pants
by @IncarceratedJerkfaces
Life's a Beach
by @SolusStreetArt
Jay-Z // Basquiat
by @OwenDippie
by @DamienMitchell
By Danielle Mastrion
Another Brooklyn beauty
by @LexiBella
Not a "new" piece, but graffiti painted over & touched up
By @IncarceratedJerkfaces
By @Tellaeche
By @MrNerds 
Even as you turn off of St. Nicholas, the surrounding neighborhood has more mural space and tons of creatively designed art walls. Immediately below are a few sweet homages to more traditional style graffiti, whose bright colors and intricate details are far more epic than these pictures can really show. 

While I loved the art previously on this wall, it had turned into a melting pot of graffiti, peeling wheat paste, and fading spray paint. In other words, the wall needed a facelift. The RIS Crew Such, Ghost & Giz killed this wall with Kobra spray paint, and I could go back to Bushwick tomorrow to do a whole post on close-ups of this wall. I just love it. 

"Got New York In A Choke Hold!" Love the theme to this badass jammer by graffiti legends Tats Cru. This collaboration between artists Bio, Mist, Crash, Stash, Nicer, BR & BG is a perfect example of beautiful graffiti work. Their walls are always so fun, and the iconic style by this crew can hardly be rivaled by other traditional graffiti artists. My favorite part of this wall is how each artist in collab blends their signatures into the mural. 

The New Edition art continues! Summer 2015 is off to a great start in Bushwick. 
By @TheToasters
Wu-Tang Forever
By @ac2bsk 
In classic "trendy" Bushwick style, this elephant mural below was painted by a 6 year old. Yes, Lola the Illustrator probably has more Instagram followers than you, and she's in first grade. How does that feel? (I mostly just feel jealous that my parents never would have trusted me with a can of spray paint at age six....) 
By LolaTheIllustrator

Not to embarrass Lola or anything, but her wall is nothing compared to Buff Monster's, located just around the corner. At least she can still have adult goals to reach towards! I usually save the best (or my favorites, the subjective "best") for last, so to keep with tradition, here are two of my two favorites from the block party. 
By @BuffMonster

Dasic has become such an integral part of the Bushwick collective through his unique murals, and this one is no exception. Wait. Is it a portrait of me, sweating to death in Bushwick? (the answer is no. I'm not yet cool enough to be painted by Dasic!) 
Summer Skin
By @DasicFernandez
To sum it all up: I love you, The Bushwick Collective! This community of street art continues to grow and blossom, and I love being a part of it. The new edition at the Collective is the best yet, and I can't wait to see how the neighborhood evolves even more this summer. 

Until next time! 


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