Saturday, May 30, 2015


As the city comes out of its hibernation from winter and heads into the full bloom of "Summer & The City" as I like to call it, new murals have been popping up everywhere. May was also plagued with no L train service on the weekends, an insanely busy work schedule, and the innate New Yorker's need to get away for Memorial Day weekend. In between the chaos of this month, here a few of my favorite murals that I found along the way. 
Mural by Alexis Diaz
Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz painted the latest rendition of the Rag & Bone mural in SoHo/NoLiTa. I know I say this every time, but seriously--this one may be my favorite residency yet. Up close, you can see the cross hatch detail and fine paint lines that make this mural amazing. Beside the genius creativity in this piece, it was executed beautifully. If you are in NYC, go see this. It's for your own good. 

Some people may think that the downtown signage sponsored by billion dollar brands makes the art disingenuous, but I find it the opposite. Standing in front of this stunning, hand painted Tristan Eaton mural proves just that--and Guess (alongside the LISA project) made this mural of Gigi Hadid possible. Little Italy's newest street art is one of the biggest in the neighborhood. See it just around the corner from his original Audrey Hepburn on Mulberry. 
Gigi Hadid mural by Tristan Eaton
The infamous Mr. Brainwash has been back in NYC this month, leaving a trail of murals in his path. The first one shown below is off West Broadway in SoHo, on the window pane of a Sunglass Hut, promoting his new line of sunglass frames. The next is much larger, on 14th St and 10th Ave opposite the High Line's end. While I typically only see his work in movies (ahem, Exit Through the Gift Shop) and art galleries, I've really enjoyed these larger scale pieces on the street. Keep them coming, please! 

Memorial Day weekend kicks off tourist season in NYC, but I'll do my best to reserve choice words for the slow walkers and confused subway riders. Summer in the city is just my absolute favorite! Cheers to the art that June will bring, and stay tuned for my next article featuring Maya Hayuk at Columbia University! 


Sunday, May 17, 2015


After nearly a whole year of being blocked by scaffolding, the Bowery Mural is back and as bold as ever. Last month, Ron English took over the wall and the result is insanely amazing. 

Another "Temper Tot" has been residing in Little Italy for quite some time now, but it really doesn't compare to this neon, 3-D version currently residing on Bowery & Houston in the Lower East Side. I's hard not to stare, right?! 

Here are a few of my favorite details and close-ups. From sarcastic rebranding of some American cult classics, to the weird, random, and outright gross--everything about this wall screams pop art by Ron English. Popaganda, as he calls it, is hilariously entertaining. I could have stood on the corner here all day (but it was hot & I was wearing a leather jacket). After catching this mural for the first time, I realized that only seeing his art in galleries doesn't do it justice. His iconic style is truly larger than life, and is best viewed on a bustling street corner in Manhattan, for the public to digest and divulge. 

It's been a while since I last posted, which really just means that now I have of art to catch up on. Stay tuned this week for another downtown street art adventure--from Little Italy to NoLiTa and Chelsea, I have so much more to show you! 


Outfit pictured: Top by Olivia Moon. Jeans from Forever 21. Booties by Sam Edelman. Leather Jacket from H&M. Sunglasses from 80's Purple. 

Bonus!! The OG temper tot, via my Instagram