Sunday, April 19, 2015


Since my last post at First Street Green Art Park, it wasn't even a full 24 hours later that more cement blocks were upgraded into street art fixtures on E Houston St. At least now the inevitable traffic in the Lower East Side has entertaining views to offset the road rage....

Introducing the unicorn boob. Seriously? Nothing is too weird for the East Village. 

Miss Me Art & Hektad have been busy in the East Village, with unicorn boobs and love drunk balloons found on what seems like every other block. Love it! 
Paste-ups by Miss Me Art  & Hektad
Paste-ups by Ivan Orama & Miss Me Art
By Matthew Denton Burrows. Side piece by Cramcept

Art by TMO Plater
by Hektad
 A super appropriate picture for a Sunday street art adventure that takes place after drunk brunch... LOVE DRUNK! 
by ChrisRWK 
Another classic piece recently went up in the East Village, which I caught on my way to brunch, in a much more sober state. The graffiti'ed truck, with an old-timer mural on the side of Doc Holliday's, plus this stick figure trying to hail a cab and a sun spot from my camera? Street style in the EV at it's finest! 

It took all of my self-control not to jump in this cement block for the picture. Good thing I considered how hard it would be to get back out, before I got in! It's safe to say, I really do love the EV. 
By Cramcept
My next post is coming soon, and takes place just a few blocks southwest from Centre-Fuge in the Lower East Side. Hint: it involves a Baby Hulk, and has already been featured on my Instagram! 

Oh Spring in NYC, how I love you! Until next time...


Outfit pictured:
Shirt & Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Hat & Pants: H&M
Shoes: Sam Edelman