Sunday, March 22, 2015


Situated on the north side of Houston St between 1st and 2nd ave is the First Street Green Art Park. There's a basketball court, benches, and a garden area that stretches down the ave, hidden from traffic by a gate and growing branches, but not immune to the hustle and bustle of noisy Houston St in the Lower East Side. 
Mural by Hektad
Well hello- hearts, happiness and Hektad! 

This block is no stranger to emerging, changing artwork: Centre-Fuge Public Art Project is just down the street, closer to 1st ave. After being sick for the last few weeks (and still recovering) I wanted to see the spring transition going down on this colorful block. In the next few weeks, the winter installation of Centre-Fuge will be painted over and the community will have new artwork to swoon over. Today, I wanted to see the amazing polar bear mural by BK Foxx one last time. I came to say "see you later" to winter--and to my surprise, all of Friday's snow had already melted for my sunny Saturday street art adventure. 
Mural by BK Foxx
Centre-Fuge Cycle 16:
Art by Sest 2, Joshua David McKenney, Michael De Nicola, Lexi Bella, Lelax Cubotopia, and Master Moody Mutz. 
Glad I got to see this installation one last time, and excited to see what Cycle 17 will bring to East 1st St! 

The afternoon sun hits First Street Green Art Park just perfectly, and after weeks of being sick and mostly stuck inside, I was happily basking in the sun and the bright, colorful walls. In the last few days of winter, Hektad and other artists revamped the open space in the art park to welcome a new season in NYC. Take a look around with me! 

Michael Jackson pasteups by Uncutt Art 
Container Art by Kwue Molly
Container Art by Zero Productivity
Container Art by the Drif!
Container Art by Icy & Sot

Do you have a favorite mural or container? I don't know exactly what it is--maybe the unique way in which the Drif's art collides with fashion so well, or that my outfits always seem to be a perfect match for his spray paint work, but I do love his newest container here, made in a memory of a lost friend and dubbed "Into the Wind". 

Happy Spring to all! Now that winter's coldest is behind us, I'm hoping to turn over a new leaf filled with health, prosperity, and sun rays for the year ahead of us. 

Until next time...


Coat: BB Dakota
Mini-bag: Zara 
Shoes: Zigi Soho from DSW 
Jeans & beanie: H&M