Sunday, February 8, 2015


My last post in Bushwick reminded me of how much the street art scene in Brooklyn has really integrated itself into the community. As more projects are being curated in the neighborhood, and the streets become more beautiful with each and every mural, it's hard for me to imagine that there are those who disagree with the positive messages and love these walls have to offer. The JMZ Walls mural project is self-described as "helping to make the JMZ lines more colorful--one wall, one gate, one space at a time." Now that's a mission I love. But not everyone shares my views. 
As I'm getting off the subway at Flushing Ave this weekend to see more of JMZ Walls' mural art, I notice it has mostly all been painted over. After an hour on the train to get to Bushwick, you can imagine my disappointment. Whitewashed walls?! Turns out that in the week prior, graffiti artists from the neighborhood had tagged up the murals that covered the sides & parking lot of Lin's Laundromat on Broadway. The concrete walls of the laundromat were painted over in reaction to the defaced murals, with plans to start from scratch in the coming months. So for today, I enjoyed what was left at Broadway and Park, and look forward to seeing the transformations yet to come! Now I present to you, "Winter Blues". 
These larger than life jellyfish are not only more colorful in person, but they're 3D like and absolutely beautiful. Work by BK Foxx! 
Mural by BK Foxx
With at least a 6 inch ice platform, the bottoms of these murals are cut off. Charming enough for a laundromat parking lot, though! See below for defacing as least with this painting it almost blends in (almost). 

Mural by Shiro One

For any of you that don't live in New York (and in case it wasn't already obvious), JMZ Walls is an art project that curates murals and art pieces along the J-M-Z subway lines. My last post started deeper in Bushwick, and ended near the Myrtle Ave stop to cover the Dodworth Street murals. This trip, I went the opposite way and walked from Flushing Ave back to Myrtle. Here's a glimpse of what I saw in between!

Taking it back to the east side of Broadway and Myrtle, these pictures are from my adventure to Bushwick in January...noted by the lack of white and brown icy snow. :) Also part of JMZ walls, these murals are visible from the JMZ stop just above. A beautiful and lively street, enhanced by stereos and street art living in perfect harmony. Whether it's carefully curated streets filled with women street artists, or freestyle graffiti, Bushwick has so much to offer the art lovers of the world. I can only hope that one day we'll all work together instead of fighting over territorial differences. 
Mural by BK Foxx
Mural by Miss Zukie 
Mural by Lexi Bella
And with that, it's a wrap. Back to Manhattan I go. 

Until next time! 


Outfit pictured: Coat by BB Dakota. Leather leggings by Mimi Chica from Nordstrom. Combat boots by Zigi Soho from DSW. Scarf from H&M.

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