Thursday, January 1, 2015


The week or so leading up to the new year always has such an exciting energy. Between the reminiscence of a year's past, and hopeful beginnings of a year to come, there are celebrations of cycles both going and coming. At the Centre-Fuge Public Art project in downtown Manhattan, celebrations are in full swing. Cycle 16 includes some new and some returning artists to the containers on 2nd Ave and E 1St, all with one satisfying common denominator--creating a more beautiful block and neighborhood, and encouraging art of all communities to be welcomed and celebrated. 
Art by Zukie, Foxx Faces, BK Foxx, and Sest 2

Art by BK Foxx, Sest2, Joshua David McKenney, Michael DeNicola
Art in Progress by Basilsema
Art by Lexi Bella, Lelax CuboTopia, Master Moody Mutz
Art by Denton Burrows
Art by Michael DeNicola
It was so sunny this day that shadowless pictures were impossible. After snapping a few shots and expressing initial disappointment at the results, I realized the shadows from myself and First Park trees added their own natural character to the art. I enjoyed the rest of our little adventure in the East Village, but I also vowed to come back and take more pictures before the cycle ends. Enjoy this version, and let's just be thankful it didn't rain! 

Just down the street is the entrance to the First Street Garden, which is also curated and organized by Centre-Fuge. The basketball courts in the corner are a more graffiti style than the containers, but just as festive and endearing for the new year. 

I'll be back to Centre-Fuge before this cycle ends, but couldn't wait to share the beauty with you all. Happy New Year--I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for 2015!


Outfit pictured: Sweater by H&M, Leather leggings by Mimi Chica from Nordstrom, & booties from Zigi Soho. Coat from Buffalo Exchange. 

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