Tuesday, December 30, 2014


New York has been having the oddest winter weather (aka, it's been the same temperature in Southern California...) but I am totally game for enjoying it. Wandering around the city in December with no snow on the streets is something I definitely wasn't expecting when we decided to spend the holidays in NYC this year, and it's been a wonderful Christmas miracle! (For me. Sorry to all you snow lovers.) 

I rarely walk far enough southeast to cross into Alphabet City, but I knew that this massive block mural had gone up and I couldn't wait to see it. I enticed my boyfriend with promises of Crif Dogs (bacon wrapped hot dogs!) and Otto's Tacos (the best tacos on the East Coast!), both just a short walk away from Alphabet City in the East Village. 

Although it was warm, the skies were cloudy and we weren't sure we'd make it through the day without umbrellas. Walking down Losaida Ave., some storefronts are bright and colorful, but the day was overall a little drab. That is, until we got to East 7th St. and could see this mural peeking out of it's corner spot on the ave. We had finally arrived, after a 2 mile walk, and it was time to enjoy the scenery. Easy as ABC! 

This wall adds an awesome, colorful energy to the neighborhood. While taking pictures, there were dozens of others admiring the wall with us, waiting for the bus or stopping to take snap shots. It was impossible for me to pick a favorite letter, but I have to say the L M N O P is my favorite section. Art on this wall was organized by Green Villian, and painted by Buff Monster, Sheryo and the Yok, Roachi, Steiner, Kevin Lyons, Victor Ving, and El Moat. I don't think I am forgetting anyone :) 

On our walk back west through Alphabet City and into the East Village, I came across this happy little spread of murals on the side of a school. I couldn't help but think it was the best way for me to end my street art photography adventure of 2014. Peace, love and art. Until next time, Happy New Year!!! 

Outfit pictured: Dress by Finn & Clover. Combat boots by Zigi Soho. Leather jacket from H&M. Gold chain bun piece from ASOS. 

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