Monday, December 15, 2014


Waking up on a cold, but super sunny, December day with no plans for the day- yes, I love the taste of freedom! Two iced coffees later, I decided to head down to my favorite NYC neighborhood to catch up on some new murals. What I forgot was that this particular Saturday was a colorful, cultural weekend for the city, and that even my calm, cool, collected day would have some adventure and wild sights built in. 

 A few blocks away, in Washington Square Park, thousands gathered to protest the police brutality cases that have been plaguing our city, nation and media. But the scene in the Lower East Side was quite the opposite--happy, drunk Santa's (and elves, reindeers, gingerbread cookies, etc) running around the streets. With both crowds together on the same subway cars, and me in between, we all headed in our own directions. Whatever your flavor, or Saturday activity of choice, the Lower East Side welcomes it all. The art is the same--from fun loving colors to political messages, and everything on either side of the extreme. A balance and mix of it all, because honestly, art is a reflection of our lives. 
Art by the Drif! for The Lisa Project NYC
Paste-ups above by Hektad
From funky fresh roller gates on Suffolk and Rivington, to the more classic pieces on Stanton and Essex, and glittery sex symbols on Chrystie and Stanton, the Lower East Side really does exemplify every style and character. I love the LES' every color! 

By Gumshoe Art 
How beautiful is this piece? The color seems to radiate off the brick. Maybe just because it was sunny, but these murals seem to be getting brighter and brighter. 
By Hueman
By Dasic Fernandez

A mile and a half later, I had worked up an appetite and grown tired of 4pm drunken stumblings and screens. (OK, I'm just bitter because two years ago I broke my arm the day of Santacon. The holiday has been ruined forever for me.) As we headed towards the subway, I stumbled upon the last gem of the day, and it's colors are so fall and so fabulous. By Sheryo and the Yok, "Squirt Run Squirt." 

All in all, it was the perfect weekend for wandering and street art finds. Now that everyone is back from Art Basel in Miami (yes, I'm still jealous), I'll be looking forward to new murals and graffiti popping up!! 

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