Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I spent October blissfully denying that fall would suddenly turn into winter, and instead focused my energy on the autumn beauty that surrounds us in NYC. The most beautiful seasons always seem to be the shortest, and this is no exception. There's just a handful of weekends that require no more than a leather jacket, before beanies and gloves become a part of our everyday life. I decided to spend one of these gorgeous fall weekends roaming around Bushwick, in search of street art sights I hadn't seen before. Luckily, this turned out to be an easy feat. With artists like Dasic Fernandez and Eelco van den Berg hard at work in Brooklyn, there's hardly a corner to turn without electric walls and vivid colors jumping out at you. See for yourself! 
Dasic Fernandez
Daek William
Bishop 203
Dasic Fernandez + Spok Brillor
Eelco van den Berg


As I was walking in and out of the Bushwick Collective territory, I remembered that a one-weekend-only art exhibit was taking place in the area. I headed deeper into the 'Wick, to Be Electric Studios. 

Be Electric is a venue that rents out space for all types of events, from galleries to concerts and photoshoots. This special event, appropriately titled "Street Murals", was a group exhibition featuring canvas artwork from 21 street artists. I didn't go for the party (thanks to laziness caused by Friday night rain), but was happy to see some of my favorite artists and their newest pieces. Here's a recap of the exhibition--enjoy! 
Raquel Echanique
Chuck Berrett  & Gazoo to the Moon
Damien Mitchell
Nicole Salagar & Chuck Berrett
Dasic Fernandez
Chuck Berrett

And my absolute favorite of the day, by Esteban Del Valle. His style is so iconic, and it turned what used to be a boring white wall into a gorgeous work of art. I even closed the bathroom door to take this shot. :) 
Esteban Del Valle

Which one is your favorite?! 

Like pretty much any other time I've posted about the Bushwick Collective, as soon as I leave more art starts to go up. They're currently in the middle of an amazing lettering job, with different artists owning a letter of Bushwick. I'll have to go back ASAP, since I'm already having FOMO of the mural work I could missing out on.

Stay tuned! Until next time..


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