Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The end of September was everything I hoped it would be: beautiful, hot weather and tons of new art popping up. I keep meaning to make it back to Bushwick for the new street art there, but I always find myself being distracted by murals in Manhattan. And here, yet another downtown day full of art and exploration. Not pictured: The Meatball Shop, which was a much needed treat after walking 3 miles in the September sun. The changing of the seasons has arrived, and street art is taking no break in its midst. 

First stop: Broome and Lafayette, a wide street that seems to separate SoHo from Little Italy and NoLiTa, with each neighborhood just a block or so away. This intersection of city life is home to some great art. The newest resident murals on the block are by Max Rippon and Conor Harrington, and both part of the Little Italy Street Art (LISA) Project. 

The detail in the drip is my favorite about each of these paintings, and the continuity between the two makes them great neighbors. 

Conor Harrington is in NYC for his latest exhibition, titled "Eat and Delete" at the Lazarides pop-up gallery. The gallery is on 268 Mulberry, so it was only natural (aka, genius) to put up two murals in the vicinity of the pop-up. Here's the second--excuse the late afternoon shadows!
Just an hour after I snapped this picture, I saw on Instagram that a new mural was in progress on the wall directly next to this one at Suffolk and Rivington in the Lower East Side. Seriously?! Sometimes my timing sucks, but at least I have another excuse to go back next weekend. 

The walk in between Conor's two murals was full of stops for more art. From SoHo to the Lower East Side, here's what I captured along the way.

 Some wheat paste decorations lined Houston Street, while others plastered doorways on Prince St. 

 This Beastie Boys tribute isn't new, and I've seen it at night probably 50 times. The lighting was never right, or I didn't have my camera, and it's too good a mural to half-ass capturing. So finally, here it is! 
By Danielle Matron
Danielle has been putting up tons of new stuff in Brooklyn, including a new street gallery on Dodworth St. Can't wait to see more, and looking forward to the new art that October will undoubtedly bring! 

So until the next time, I'll leave you with this dream....



  1. The street artist who did that first painting is clearly extremely talented. I hope they're getting paid big money for their painting skills wherever they are now!

  2. I am a fan of your eyes. I love the fact that just like me, street art catches your eye. My husband and me have been meaning to go check out some awesome street art here in Jersey city. Have any good pointers as to where to start? My husband loves graffiti and I want to surprise him with the rich Jersey City, NJ art life.