Monday, October 13, 2014


Last updated in late July, the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project containers are changing along with the leaves and the weather. Although I'm always sad to see my favorite pieces go, they're replaced with equally lovable and sight-worthy murals on E 1st Street. 

Cycle 15 at Centre-Fuge is just perfect for fall: bright colors, reminiscent of summer's passing, with earthy colors and natural tones to welcome a new season in New York City. 

It's time for leather jackets, fall hats, and combat boots. New wardrobe and new art?! How could I not love October... :) 

How adorable is this raccoon? Titled "Show Me Your Hands" by the talented @MrPrvrt. His animal illustrations make for larger-than-life murals of the wild. Love it!! This comes just days after I watched a gang of raccoons devour a loaf of bread in Central Park. To be specific, there were 14 raccoons and they were nowhere near this friendly looking! 

This first colorful piece can be seen from the street corner. Upon closer look, mustaches and cheesy smiles! By Miss Zookie, @Zukie_art

Spray paint (art) can save the world, per the above. By Sean Gallagher, @MrSeanG and what he calls "Toys as Object". Awesome! 

"Good Fa'U"  by @Sest2

Back into fall colors and animalistic tendencies, this baby + octopus is a great October edition. Halloween costume, anyone? Mural by @Marthalicia

But wait! The color's not done yet. This mural, in classic Dasic Fernandez style, symbolizes the beauty of the seasons changing (to me at least!) The sunshine and the the bright colors will melt away, replaced with the dark clouds behind us. I love that this mural will be relevant through its' installation life cycle: Centre-Fuge containers are here for this cycle through December. Drip, drip, drip...the colors, the impending rain and's here! 

Art by @DasicFernandez

To compliment the above colorful, rainy day painting along with the summery murals and autumn animals, the side of this container really summed it up & said it best. "There are no goodbyes, only see you laters." 
Until next year, warm weather! & until next time for Centre-Fuge! This public art project always guarantees murals to match the times we live in, and in no better place than the lively and welcoming Lower East Side and East Village.

Check back this week for more from the neighborhoods---there's all new art at both First Park, Rag&Bone on Elizabeth St., and the Bowery Mural! See you later....


Outfit pictured:
Dress by Angie. Combat Boots by Pikolinos. Leather jacket and wool hat from H&M. 

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