Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The East Village and Lower East Side are two of my favorite neighborhoods for many reasons: my friends, my favorite restaurants, my favorite bars, and of course, my favorite art. 

It's nearly impossible to get off at 2nd Ave on the F train and not take a stroll through First Street Green, an open art park just off Houston St and 2nd ave. The art, with ties to the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, is ever-changing in styles, artists, and themes. One thing remains constant, though: from both the street view and from inside the park, there's nothing but added beauty and positive vibrations radiating from E First Street! 

Mural by Hektad
Mural by Richard Plater
Mural by Al Ortiz

Art by Claudio Limon
How cool is this restructured tree? Yeah, not something you see everyday. While stopping to admire it, an old man chimed in and let us know he had been there all day while the artist was installing it. He's going to be doing a series of art projects like the one above throughout the upcoming months. I'm excited to see what surprises may be next--in the East Village, really, anything is possible! 

From this little sidewalk park, you can take a turn in any direction to stumble upon more art. 2nd ave is a perfect starting point for any East Village/Lower East Side adventure, and has become my one of most frequented subway stops. Now if only the F train came more often....
Here's the latest Bowery mural. I can't say newest, since this is actually a throwback mural from 2009, back on exhibit for a limited time only. Mural is by Osgemeos, a Brazilian street artist with a finesse for bright colors and doll-like details. See up-close pictures below!

I absolutely love the newest Jerkface mural for the side of Rag & Bone. It's hard to choose a favorite among this rotating wall, but this Richie Rich sure ranks high. Walking down Elizabeth St (or any street in NYC, for that matter) and seeing tons of dollar bills is pretty much like walking in a dream. Even if it's raining. 

Here's another mural in the Lower East Side that you can see coming for blocks. The grates can't really get much more vibrant than this, and the psychadelic feel is just perfect for the Neighborhood. Oh, and the sign above? Diamond Equipment.

 All in all, it's been a great month for street art so far. Leaving with you the perfect candid shot on a random side street in the East Village. Sometimes, my bf taking pictures before I'm ready really works out in my favor. Love & grunge in the East Village! 


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