Sunday, September 28, 2014


Summer is lingering. While the skies become more overcast and leaves turn to orange, I'm enjoying every last bit of sunshine there is. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to spend a humid day: with the water separating you from downtown views, the wind cools down an otherwise hot pier. Smorgasburg and other events keep the park pretty packed, and this weekend was no exception. The highlight of September, Photoville is a venue set on the pier that re-purposed shipping containers into caves of art and large scale murals. Enjoy! 
You'll have to appreciate all the random intruders in my pictures, as this is how the murals looked for the majority of the day. 
Each shipping container had a different installation to walk through, ranging from intact bedrooms of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan to urban photography of New York City, and then the digital revolution of Silicon Valley. So yeah--basically, art for everyone and anyone. The crowds inside the containers made it impossible to photograph, but here are some highlights from the outside.

Admittedly, my mural favorite of the day is the sole reason I wanted to come to Photoville: this two story shipping container mural by Dalek. Its bright colors pop against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline in an absolutely amazing way. Titled "Chromatic Aberration", this mural hosted by Instagram was the focal point of the Photoville exhibition. A classic hashtag #Photoville on the backside of the container, and a perfect mural was born. 
There are waaayyy better pictures with a view of the skyline on Dalek's instagram here. From up above and even on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, this mural stands so far out of its element. Check out his page for more views! 
I spy the World Trade Center off in the distance, which reminds me that my favorite part about Brooklyn is the Manhattan views. ;) 
A trip to Smorgasburg afterwards made for the perfect Sunday: think carnitas tortas, dulce de leche donuts, and Ramen burgers. Mmmmm, I'm craving it again already.

Until next time, Brooklyn! You never disappoint...
A wrong turn on our walk back to the subway turned into the best little surprise. Curiosity killed the cat....and cheese killed the mouse? I guess we'll never know. 

My last days of September will be filled with more street art, so stay tuned for all coming soon! 


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