Monday, August 4, 2014


The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project is on E 1st Street between 2nd Avenue & Avenue A, in a little spot nestled on the border of the East Village and the Lower East Side. A few things are always guaranteed on this block: a traffic jam in Peretz Square, a long line outside Katz' across the street, and constantly changing street art scenery. 
Pidgin Doll by artist & doll maker Joshua David McKenney
Next to the First Street Park playground is one of two large gray containers that are used by construction workers of the 2nd Ave subway line. What could have been bulky, boring containers in the streets are now the home for a beautiful scene of rotating art.  Every month or two, new artists come in and transform the containers. What I've always loved about the East Village (as mentioned in my last post, and taking place just a few blocks from this one!) is that every style can collaborate on one block and in this neighborhood. The grunge and the dirt is all part of the beauty. 

Check out the last two months of cycles at the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project! First up, early July's murals by Lexi Bella. You can see more of her art here

This new installation is set to stay up for the rest of the summer. Well, I guess it gives me an excuse to come back in September! 

Jeromy Velasco

Raquel Echanique
Pidgin Doll
Al Ortiz Jr.
Master Moody Mutz
Since I always save my favorite for last--drumroll the talented Mike Makatron--see more of his art here! Honestly, in some neighborhoods the construction/destruction ruins the beauty. But in the East Village, it blends in and only jazzes up the ambiance. I only wish there weren't barricades all over the place--maxi skirts aren't exactly the ideal fence climbing outfit!

Makatron has been painting all over this city the past couple of weeks--I'm going to have to take a trip back to the Bushwick Collective soon and show you more of his art! In the meantime, you can read more about the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project on their Facebook or Tumblr  pages!

Hope everyone has a great week. Between packing my current apartment and moving into my new one (YAY!!), I'm a bundle of busy happiness. Let's just hope I'm not too tired this weekend to go explore some more street art--a new adventure is always on my mind!