Sunday, July 13, 2014


It's easy to fall in a routine of going back to my favorite neighborhoods for street art, because I can always be sure there's something new to see. This weekend, though, I decided to go somewhere new for a change. Since living on the Upper West Side, I've definitely gained a new appreciation for uptown adventures. So this weekend, instead of taking the 1 train downtown to my regular spots, I took the train in the opposite direction, officially taking me higher in Manhattan than I've ever been before: Inwood/Washington Heights. 

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That's right. In my 6 years of living in New York City, I've never had a reason to go above 125th St. After some wandering of the neighborhood between 207 and 215th St., I found plenty of street art. It's always a treat to see the graffiti artists in action--this is right outside the train station at 207th. 

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It was definitely a great start to the day being able to both watch and talk to the artists about their work. I might have to take them up on their offer of a tour of Bronx street art-- and the uptown adventures will continue! The walls pictured above change every two weeks or so, which is a good excuse to come back soon. 

Wandering off again into the streets in search of graffiti, we found the back of this gas station decorated with more graf. A little hidden gem of a wall.

The style uptown is definitely more old school graffiti than my regular spots in the Lower East Side and Little Italy, which I can appreciate just as much in a change of pace. The graffiti murals are a different type of fun, and this block on 215th gave a better perspective of uptown art. It's lively and cool without needing to be trendy. 

We treated ourselves after a day of walking in the uptown sun with a bowl of hot ramen in Morningside Heights. You'd think 90 degree weather would make ramen less popular, but it hit the spot after a day of exploring. It's always a fun time to explore a new neighborhood, getting a little lost and seeing where the day may go. Yeah, I think I'm an uptown girl at heart. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to this month, and now that I've skipped the LES and Bushwick for a few weeks, I have a ton to catch up on! Stay tuned, as always. 


Outfit pictured: Top by Dolce Vita. Shorts by H&M. Lace up sandals by Steve Madden. 

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