Sunday, July 20, 2014


There's a certain charm to the Lower East Side that no other neighborhood captures just the same. It's a little dirty, but in a really grungy chic way that makes you never want to leave. Whether I'm dressed up for a night out, or dressed down for a casual Saturday--the LES always promises a good time. 

It also promises hidden treasures, my favorite in the form of wall and street art. You can keep looking up in this neighborhood and see mural after mural on high-rise buildings. Or, you can look down and see stencil art on the sidewalk and stickers on the walls. Welcome to the Lower East Side!  

Two weeks ago I promised more street art from Anthony Lister, and I was so excited to finally see this one in person. His gallery exhibition is still going on at the Jonathan Levine gallery until July 26th. See my post about Anthony Lister here

Here's another one of my favorite rotating murals, at Rag & Bone on Elizabeth St and E Houston. I'll miss Boykong's neon tiger, but these robots are just so cute! You can see more of Nick Kuszyk's art, also known as "rrobots" here. Enjoy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm already planning my next street art rendezvous for the week.....what do you want to see first? An East Village update or some new BK street art? 


Outfit pictured: Muscle Tank from Forever 21. Sandals by BCBG. 

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