Sunday, July 27, 2014


The East Village has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods-- it has this charm of positive vibes and good energy, because really, anything goes. There's a certain inclusion about the East Village that makes everyone fit in and feel at home. You can find any style, culture, and lifestyle in the area below 14th St. It's a daily reminder in NYC that anything is possible, & that the world belongs to us. 
"The World is Yours" by Queen Andrea

Of course, the street art is no exception to this. I made an afternoon of walking down Avenue A from 14th to 1st street, to see what I would find. From typography to old school graffiti and a pop of color in between, Ave A is full of character and good vibrations. Here is what the concrete jungle had to offer--enjoy! 

I hope that everyone else's weekend was as happy and fun as mine! I'm heading down to DC tomorrow for a few days...& hopefully there will be street art to uncover and share. And if not, stay tuned for the next adventure! Any suggestions...Bushwick Collective, or Little Italy?! 


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