Thursday, July 3, 2014


My last post ended at the last wall of the Rafael Silveira exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. JL is undoubtedly my favorite gallery in NYC, thanks to the constant rotation of talented, edgy artists who embody everything I love about this city.

Speaking of everything I love about New York...Australians. My roommate and I joke that we have an uncanny ability to meet Australians everywhere we go. We often stumble into Australian-centric bars, and have found ourselves giving directions on the subway only to ask, "Are you Australian?" 

So when I heard that Anthony Lister, an Australian born artist, was having a solo exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, I knew it was right up my alley. To make things even better, he spent the week before his opening reception painting in the streets. Check it out! 

 This new mural is painted alongside some already existing works, which makes for a really fun street art collage on the side of Billy Marks Bar in Chelsea. 

Lister's art is far from the graffiti norm, but that always bodes well in NYC. I've yet to see another one of his murals, but you can expect another Lower East Side trip in my near future. Like, probably this weekend.

The opening reception for Lister's exhibition was as artsy and off the beaten path as you could hope, and even though it was on the same floor as Rafael Silveira's, had a totally different vibe. 

As you can see from the pictures, Lister has a really grimy representation of street art and expressionism that is dark yet so fresh. And although I personally prefer the ornate framings of Rafael Silveira's work, I love the chalk-like detailing on the walls of Lister's exhibition.

Here's my favorite Lister of the day. Rawr!

Anthony Lister's exhibit will be on display at the Jonathan Levine Gallery until July 26th. If you find yourself in the Meatpacking before 6pm, stop on by! You can also see more of his art on his website here.

Stay tuned for more art gallery fun--next up, another Jonathan Levine special of a graffiti legend. 


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