Sunday, June 29, 2014


Summer is in full swing and I couldn't be happier about it. The humidity in NYC has either been cooperating really well, or I've been here too long and can't remember what dry heat feels like. In any case, I'll take the excuse to walk down the west side of Manhattan in search for an adventure.

 The Upper West Side is full of parks. Both Central Park and Riverside Park are just 2 avenues from where I live on either side. And a little further uptown, Riverside Park turns into Hudson Park. Gorgeous greens are the continuation from one to the next, and you wouldn't even know it was a different park unless you saw the signs.

I've been waiting to wear these new flowered pants, and this was the perfect day. I got them for $2 at a thrift store in California in April. I instantly fell in love, but left the matching oversized blazer at the store :) 
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After some fun in the park, we headed downtown to Chelsea. Usually art gallery openings are on Thursday nights, so when I read there was one on a Saturday, I planned my day accordingly. Art gallery openings are a lot of fun and I love the energy, but are usually very crowded. We got there right at opening time for the perfect vibes... and before the crowds had arrived, you could still have conversation and didn't feel like you were in the only ones in the room. 

This solo exhibition by Rafael Silveira was absolutely stunning. Besides beautifully detailed artwork, the frames on these paintings have to be the coolest I've ever seen. Check it out! 

It wasn't easy to choose a favorite because I love all of his work. It's so retro glam with a modern twist. Classy and fabulous!! The picture below is my personal favorite. Upon first glance it's amazing, but in closer concentration the detail is just...something I have never seen before! Perfection. 

Rafael Silveira is an artist based out of Brazil. His art in being exhibited at the Jonathan Levine Gallery until July 26th. You can see more art on his website here.

Check back soon for another post about the exhibit next door Rafael Silveira's "Unforeseeable" show!! 


Outfit: Top, Urban Outfitters. Aviators from a street vendor. Pants from Goodwill, Southern California. Shoes by A.N.A. 

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