Saturday, May 10, 2014


What is there to do when it's raining and you live uptown?
Two things: art galleries & brunch. 

It's one thing when it rains constantly during the week. You can go home right after work and curl up until work the next morning. My attention span can't handle this for more than a couple days in a row though, and luckily this week I stumbled upon an exhibition of one of my favorite street artists via Instagram. Now that it's finally Saturday, I was looking forward to some street art fun--however, brunch on the corner next to my apartment ended up winning over a walking expedition. There's always tomorrow! 

First things first, to set up the story. Have you read, and do you remember my post Love in Little Italy? If so, you'll understand how excited I was when Bradley Theodore posted that he was having an exhibition on the Upper East Side. I've been a fan since I saw the below mural in Little Italy, and knew I couldn't miss out on seeing his other work. 
& the exhibition did not disappoint! For a last minute Wednesday activity, I'd say it was perfect. The venue, Kent and Curwen, is a luxury British menswear brand. Definitely would not be my first guess at where Bradley's art would be, but it gave the street art of his I already love an awesome upscale, professional vibe. 

Meeting Bradley was probably the highlight of the night--and I can't wait to see more of his murals popping up over NYC! (Rumor has it, Kate Moss is coming soon to the LES)

Today's grand plans of returning to Bushwick for round 2 at the Collective clearly failed when I woke up and it was 80 degrees and pouring rain. Good thing my friends were on the same page as I was--we ended up at brunch in the Upper West Side and had a great time regardless. The rain isn't so bad if you love your neighborhood as much as I love mine. 

We'll see what adventures tomorrow's weather brings. Hope everyone has a great day!!


Outfit from Bradley Theodore Exhibition: Cocomo Dress bought at Bolton's. Pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Today's Outfit: White v-neck by NY & Company. Black shorts from H&M. Skull flats by Steve Madden. Green raincoat from eBay. Burberry umbrella, Handbag by Steve Madden. 

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