Saturday, May 17, 2014


Cope2 is a legendary, old school graffiti artist. He's been doing graffiti since the late 70s, and is an integral part of New York City street art culture. And this week in NYC, it was all about him! Between painting the latest edition of the Bowery mural, and his art gallery opening, Cope2 had a chance to remind the art world that's he's not done yet. 

As much as I'd been loving Maya Hayuk's exhibition on the Bowery mural, the changing of the seasons meant the wall need a change, too. My favorite part about Maya Hayuk's technicolor patterned art (remember, here: The Funky Jungle) was that it was the perfect pop of color for the dreary winter. But with summer here (that's right, bypassing spring)--the color needed to be outdone. & OMG it was!! 

Words cannot describe this beautiful graffiti! I'm going to be tempted to take pictures here every weekend until the mural comes down....I wish my apartment walls were all painted with this! The amount of positive vibes and happiness I feel radiating from this mural is insane! I am soooo in love! 

This mural, titled "Under the Influence", is also the name of his exhibition at Azart Gallery in Chelsea, going on now. The opening reception was amazing, with live art by Cope2 and his gallery collaborator, Kokian. Although they have totally different styles, the gallery space pulled it off well. Not to mention the Cope2 branded wine, provided by 67Wine. Amazing--a Thursday night can't get any better than this! 

I am clearly overjoyed to be meeting the legend Cope2--hello, cheesy smile! 

You know what I realized today while writing this post? One weekend full of perfect weather (like above) forgives the whole winter, instantly. It's impossible to get tired of this place. NYC, you are the absolute best and I love to call you mine!! 


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