Sunday, May 4, 2014


Welcome to the funky jungle, otherwise known as the Lower East Side. Home of my favorite dollar pizza, an eclectic group of residents and visitors, and of course--a never ending evolution of street art. 

The Lower East Side was the second neighborhood (after 5pointz in LIC) that truly made me fall in love with street art. It seems like every time I make it downtown (which is usually once a week), there's a new mural around every corner. One of my favorite quirks about the art scene in the Lower East Side is the organized chaos that it presents--there's multiple rotating art projects on the streets that ensure new, lively, and entertaining content. 

The most popular of these is the Bowery Mural, which is a huge art wall on Bowery and Houston. My New Year's resolution was to see every mural posted at the Bowery--but this has proved to be insanely easy, since Maya Hayuk's amazing design has been up since January. 
Just down the street from the Bowery Mural is the First Street Garden, which is a little walkway between First Park and 2nd Ave, tucked right behind Houston St. Once you enter in, it's seriously like a little art oasis in the midst of a crazy part of the city. There was chalk lying around everywhere (before getting to the walkway which was a dirt path), and as I started taking pics, an older man suggested I add something of my own before entering the garden. I clearly drew the first thing that came to mind... I <3 NY! 
Clearly I'm not the most talented chalk I think I'll leave it up to others for now. I'm totally content just enjoying the art--that's my contribution! 

If you've read any of my posts before, you've probably figured out that I love skulls. So just as I was falling deeply in love with this little gem of a garden in the Lower East Side, the end of the garden quickly became my favorite. Titled "Funky Jungle", I don't think there's a better description for this neighborhood or the artistic charm that comes along with it. 
And, of course, the day wouldn't have been complete without roaming the streets and stumbling upon other beautiful works of art. For a few of my faves....

The perimeters surrounding the Lower East Side Prep High School are covered in some amazing murals, ranging from simple yet striking patterns to loud and crazy designs. Needless to say, I love it all.

This first mural is of gigantic proportions, and the bright colors absolutely pop out along this street. I could see it from almost two whole blocks away, and was pretty much running up to it (yes, in heels) in excitement. You can see more of this amazing artist, Kenny Scharf, here!

Along the backside of the high school was this empty corner of a block, painted beautifully to match the weather--and coincidentally, my outfit. As the wind picked up, a random passerby shouted, "Ahhh the life of a blogger!" as I shrieked that a mini-tornado of cherry blossom leaves was swirling around me. Sorry, left those pictures out of this.

To sum it all up, this is pretty much what comes to mind when I think of what a funky jungle would look like. Sure, it's a little bit dirty and sometimes a little grimy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

For a place so bursting with culture, emotion, and all things New York City, I have to say this next (and last) mural was one of my favorites. I found the artist, Queen Andrea, the night before on Instagram and immediately knew I had to seek some of her art out. This definitely won't be the last you'll see on my blog from her! In the meantime, you can check out her website here.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Thanks for reading, and as always, look forward to the next post!!


Outfit pictured: Jean tunic dress by BDG, from Urban Outfitters. Gladiator sandals by Medici. 

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