Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Memorial Day weekend marks the true beginning of summer. Summer in NYC means many things, including rooftop happy hours and icy cold subway rides. It also means you have the right to eat as much ice cream as you'd like (yeah, says me), and spend all your time outdoors. Needless to say, I love summer in the city. 

Little Italy is no exception to the above rules. There's a street festival every weekend from now through Labor Day, and although it may be a tourist trap in many respects (uhhh, dancing cannolis on the street), it sure is entertaining. Between the live marching bands, the faint scent of fish from Chinatown a block away, and the streets being lined with every Italian food imaginable--it's a must see at some point during the season.

Opening weekend just so happened to coincide with my planned adventures of seeing some of the newly painted murals in the area. So after devouring a cannoli on the street corner and perusing some of the jewelry shops, I made my way around Little Italy and NoLiTa to enjoy some street art. Hope you enjoy it too!!

First up are two murals by Buff Monster. His motto is "Pink is Power", and I couldn't agree more. And remember what I just said about our right to enjoy ice cream? This includes his murals :) 

Next is this little hidden gem, now tucked into the seating area of an outdoor restaurant on Mulberry Street. I was distracted by Fleet Week uniformed sailors laughing at the dancing cannoli, and walked past this mural twice! When I finally found it, it made me crazy jealous wanting to go see more of Alice Pasquini's art. This Rome based artist (my favorite city!) is seriously talented. See her website in the link above for more of her work! Although slightly hidden by the table and chairs, this mural's beautiful details are a perfect addition to the LISA project collection. 
This next mural is a new addition to the neighborhood, just a block away from the Bowery mural. The wall outside the Rag & Bone clothing store is frequently changing, so I wanted to make a point to see this one before it was gone.  Yet another Italian artist, Federico Massa, has now left his semi-permanent mark on downtown Manhattan. 

I guess it's just good luck (or a great sense of style!) but I always seem to be matching the murals. Loooove! 

Walking down through NoLiTa, there are a ton of murals just out of your line of vision. Meaning they're easy to miss, but all the more exciting when you do catch one. How lovely is this Tats Cru job, though? Just another reason to love this quiet neighborhood! 

And finally--I saved my favorite for last. For any of that already know me, you know how much I love elephants. So when I heard that the space next to the Anna & Karl mural by Bradley Theodore on Mott Street had been painted with a giant elephant close-up, I couldn't wait to see it. So so impressed with this piece by Vera Times


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