Sunday, May 11, 2014


After a long week of rain, there's nothing better than a Sunday filled with sunshine. My morning was spent in my newest weekly ritual, tanning on my fire escape. Hours later, I made my way downtown for a little more fun in the Lower East Side. I ran out of time and daylight last weekend (see: The Funky Jungle), but made up for it today seeing some amazing street art. Enjoy!
This backdrop is just soooo summer! Queen Andrea (see more of her art here) is a super talented artist, and I love her street murals posted around the LES. Can't wait to see more of her art going up in Astoria this summer! Her murals scream swag, and therefore are a perfect fit for the LES. 

Just west of the above mural on Houston St., there are blocks lined with paintings on trailers as part of the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project. This rotating outdoor gallery was partially under construction today (meaning new art coming soon!), but with the crowds of people downtown, the murals definitely got some sun and exposure. 

While walking around, I started noticing these Gucci ghosts everywhere. How cute are these street-art-stickers?! 

And of course, the rest of the day was filled with eclectic randomness. My favorite! 

The perfect choice for a last picture....yes, I love the LES! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, and happy Sunday to the rest of you. Positive vibes for a great week coming up!


Outfit pictured: Dress, Forever 21. Wedges by Toms. 

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