Saturday, May 31, 2014


The definition of the pursuit of magic: "the moment that people perceive the logic of the universe. The inexplicable and undeniable atmosphere that rests infinitely above the human canopy. Being in pursuit of this is a continued story that everyone is writing for themselves.. a reminder that the magic you pursue is pursuing you too." --two female street artists. Join their movement here:

This is the theme for my weekend casual post because although I've randomly stumbled upon their stencil work in the streets of Manhattan, their artwork was my main focus while in Dumbo today. I've been waiting for the weather to warm up before exploring Dumbo--and it's perfect for a hot, summer day because the whole neighborhood is next to the water. Here's a mini-tour!

Dumbo is such a cool neighborhood, but I have to admit it's taken me a little while to learn my way around. Most streets don't go through bc they run along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, so you end up walking around, over, and under the highway on most streets. The good news is that it's impossible to get lost. From anywhere you can use the Brooklyn Bridge as your guide, and can easily tell whether you're walking towards or away from the water. And now, walking along the BQE, in pursuit of magic: 

Not only is this mural gigantic, but it's so colorful. It's sort of hidden behind a bunch of trees, but the colors make sure no walking by misses this. Although we found this en route to Brooklyn Bridge Park (which has amazing views of Manhattan, right on the water), I would have been perfectly content staying here all day, staring at the dozen or so different owls. Each is so unique yet they match and flow together. Ahhh, if this is magic in street art, am I still on the pursuit?! Well in case you didn't realize this isn't the end of my post, yes, I am still on the pursuit of magic. And in the most beautiful ironic fashion, the best way to describe this pursuit is that it's in the preciousness of the hunt. See...

 Sometimes I think what I love so much about the street art that I see is that it makes me feel complete, it ignites a creativity and happiness in my mind. And other times, it's how these giant murals created with two hands can make me feel so small. Like I'm only a tiny, minuscule part of the world that's enjoying the art before me. 

As we neared the Brooklyn Bridge Park, we assumed that our street art adventure was over for the day. Totally content in what I had already seen, we grabbed an ice cream cone and started to make our way to the water. PAUSE! Under the scaffolding and alongside an abandoned factory, was a block long graffiti wall free-for-all. Although totally different in style from the planned out, themed art I showed you above, I love this form just as much. It's abrasive, it's messy, but it's so New York. Because you know what? Art is not a crime. 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned--I'm keeping with my Brooklyn theme in pursuit of magic, and attending a block party tomorrow in Bushwick that I've been waiting weeks for! 


Outfit Pictured: Romper by H&M. Gladiator sandals by Born. Bag by Olivia & Joy. 

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