Thursday, April 10, 2014


New York City is just SO much more enjoyable when the weather is in favor of allowing us to walk outside, use the sidewalk, and not freeze on the train platform. That being said, I take full advantage of the months that NYC is this manageable. I suddenly never want to go straight home after work, instead exploring and enjoying everything this city has to offer.

I took a mid-day break at work to treat myself to an apple danish from the coffee cart guy, and the sun was so beautiful I had to also stop and take some pictures. I had began to forget how beautiful the Columbia University campus is when it's green! 

After work, I headed down to midtown to visit my favorite construction zone. Have you read my post A MIDTOWN CONSTRUCTION ZONE? If not, do it!! I've been following Don Rimx on Instagram (his Tumblr is here) and knew he was wrapping up his final piece, so I wanted to see it in progress. He's also finished the 3/4 water=life mural, which was in progress the last time I visited. And here's the update:

His newest mural, called "The Rice Planter", is at Day 6 here. I can't wait to see the finished product! 

My horoscope today said that I've been overindulging lately, and I'm not sure if it's referring to my sugar intake or to the amount of time I've been spending outside lately. Either way, it's probably true. Good thing I don't always listen to my horoscope...

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. Crossing my fingers for no rain this weekend--I have a lot of street art planned for Saturday & Sunday, and would hate for it to go to waste!


Outfit pictured: Printed dress by Supertrash, $20 at Buffalo Exchange. Brown tights, TJ Maxx. Taupe booties, bought at Camaieu in Paris, France. 3 stone ring by Kenneth Cole, at Buffalo Exchange. Michael Kors handbag. Jacket, as seen in SPRING STYLE, WINTER WEATHER without the fur, by Guess. 

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