Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The real reason I complain about the cold New York City weather so much is that I grew up in the land of eternal sunshine. Orange County, California. Christmas is 90 degrees and so is April. When the snow seemed endless around early March, I coped with it the only way I know how: book a getaway. My first couple days of vacation were"cold"--meaning the perfect temperature of low 70s that makes it impossible to shiver and impossible to sweat. Here's a look at my past week in the sun! 

Friday: Huntington Beach, CA 

On Thursday I actually got pretty sunburnt laying out at my sister's pool, so Friday at the beach I had to be way more careful than I usually am. I'm just Mexican enough to where I usually don't burn....but give me a break---I haven't seen the sun since I was last in California in January! I stayed in my bikini for a few hours, but the low 70's weather made it perfect for a light sweater and maxi skirt. 

Saturday: Palm Springs & Mount San Jacinto Park, CA

I usually come back to California 3-4 times a year, because it's the perfect combination between a relaxing time and a fun vacation. Sometimes I get so lazy and just want to take a break from the hustle of the city. This weekend, I was at the beach, through the desert, and in the mountains. Amazing.

I'm the first person to want to wear the best outfit, but it was fun being basic for a change. It's good to remember that I can have as much fun in a North Face and Vans as I can in a leather dress and booties (via Red Carpet Affair). 

I'm going to do a separate post of my Sunday Funday--I went to a couple of art galleries in California and can't wait to share the highlights. 

Monday: Long Beach, CA

This is my absolute favorite airport in the world. It took me exactly 13 minutes after being dropped off at the (only) terminal to wait in line, check my bag, go through security, and get to my gate. My gate just so happened to be outside in the sun. Yeaaahhh..why am I boarding this plane? 

I'll miss the land of eternal sunshine, but it's back to the concrete jungle for me.


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