Thursday, April 3, 2014


I love to travel, and having family on the west coast means I don't even really need a reason to take a vacation. Going home for most people in New York City might mean taking the Long Island Rail Road or New Jersey Transit, but for me, it's a whole day affair. 

I'm all about simplicity when it comes to traveling, because until I can afford a chauffeur and someone to carry all my bags for me, it's just not fun to drag around too much stuff. So, I've put a little list together of what makes traveling as easy as possible for me! 

-Laptop: so I can blog, or go on Facebook, or catch up on work. And charge my phone while on the plane. And how cute is the elephant crossbody?! 

-Jamba Juice: because I need an immunity shot before getting on a germ infested airplane. 

-Oversized handbag: to hoard the free Jet Blue snacks and mini water bottles. Just kidding (sort of)…I also have bagels to bring back for my family, nail polish, and other very normal purse type things. 

-Vests > Coats: because they double as blankets when the plane takes off. This shearling vest is new and I already know it's going to become part of my go-to travel outfit. 

-Flats: because they're low maintenance, easy to take off for security, and super comfortable for the actual flight. Side note, nude stockings are a must. I'm not walking barefoot through security.

-A suitcase inside of a suitcase: yes, you read that right. I tried this for the first time in December, and it's my new favorite traveling tip. Every time I go back to California, I shop and shop and shop and then don't have enough room for everything on the way home. So, my current deal with myself is to only pack enough clothes that fit in my carry-on suitcase. I then put my carryon inside my suitcase, which minimizes the annoyance of two bags on the subway, etc. And now for the way back home, I'll have an entire suitcase to fill with whatever I want. 

Stay tuned for more from my mini vacation! I'll be in Orange County until next Monday, so you can expect to see lots of maxi dresses and sunshine from me in the meantime. 


Outfit pictured: Skinny jeans, $20 from H&M. Olive green silk top, $15 from H&M Conscious Collection. Shearling vest, $12 from Buffalo Exchange. Nude flats by Steve Madden, $20 from TJ Maxx. Brown handbag from Michael Kors. Elephant side bag/ laptop case from Nepal. 

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