Wednesday, April 9, 2014


When I first moved to New York City, the amount of variety in life was overwhelming. It's taken me years to hone my interests and find my niche. And now that I'm used to the endless possibilities that the art scene in New York offers, I'm naturally curious on what I may have missed out on before I lived here. (Yes, that's called FOMO. The fear of missing out.) 

Orange County, California may not be known for its art scene, but some of the most creative people I've ever met are from here. Like any conservative place in the world, there's just as many liberals who want to express themselves. Which is partially why I left, but also why I always come back. This trip, I wanted to see some of what I love in New York in my hometown. 

Although I have to say nothing will ever compare to NYC, I always fit right in when I'm back in California. Cue the skull & elephant art now.

Welcome to downtown Santa Ana. It's certainly not the most glamorous part of Orange County (think of NYC street peddlers who only speak Spanish and may be selling pinatas), but I love it just the same. The downtown area only stretches a few blocks, and since I went on a Sunday it was fairly quiet. However, the liveliness of this half clothing store/half art gallery was all downtown needed to make my day. And the walk from the car wasn't too bad either (yes! no subways!)

This is GCS Santa Ana. Their Facebook description is a perfect culmination of the vibe I got here--"Street Wear clothing store and art gallery. Specializing in everything that the underground culture needs. Support your local artist and companies. We are the antithesis of mall culture." You can shop their website or read more here,

I mean, how cool is this place?!  All of the art hanging on the walls is for sale, and there's a bigger gallery space with rotating local artists in the back. This elephant wins as my favorite, selling for $1100 by Jonathan Martinez. It's part of his "The Endangered" exhibition which you can see more of here

I was thoroughly impressed with the art, clothing, and overall vibe here. Will definitely be coming back on future trips to the OC! 


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