Friday, April 25, 2014


Spring in NYC doesn't promise warm weather, but it does promise a beautifully colorful version of its winter self. From Morningside Heights to Brooklyn, the city is officially in full bloom. And as much I love the black-on-black-on-black look, I've begun trading in my combat boots for some spring fun. 

Friday afternoon: Nature's version of happy hour. I mean, how beautiful are these cherry blossoms?! I almost forgot how amazing Columbia University looks in the spring and summer, because I got so used to looking at the fountain that turned into a dumping ground for piles of snow. Not exactly picturesque. This however, is the exact opposite and everything I need to say, TGIF! Let the weekend begin! 

Saturday: My BFF Sonaly just moved into an apartment near Bryant Park, so we hung out for a little while after some margaritas and sangria in midtown. Midtown is always overcrowded, so it was a special treat that we were literally the only people in Bryant Park. Until it started raining, of course...

Surprisingly, this outfit bid well in the rain. I was dying to wear something floral and springy since it was so nice outside, and may have ignored the 50% rain chance when I left the house. This was my first ever romper, and as you'll see in future posts this summer, I'm a little romper obsessed. Ahhh, the only time I will ever allow florals and plaid in one outfit...thankfully this Burberry umbrella never leaves my purse! 

Sunday: I wanted to keep with my weekend-in-pink theme, and I've also been waiting for the perfect opportunity to check out an outdoor street art collection that I hadn't yet seen in Brooklyn. An amazing street artist that I've been following on Instagram for some time, Incarcerated JerkFace, posted a new mural this week at the Bushwick Collective. And just my luck--it's a 50 ft pink wall! The mural is so new that I couldn't find the exact location online. No problem! It ended up being like a scavenger hunt--and just as I was thinking that I may not find it, I turned the corner and was blinded by the pink. Looove! I was walking fairly quickly throughout the neighborhoods, and decided to only take pictures where pink was involved. Enjoy my first adventure at the Bushwick Collective! 

I'll definitely be back to the Bushwick Collective--I mean, I saw only a tenth of the art and I was already in awe! What a perfect weekend adventure spot. Who's coming with next time....?! 


Friday Outfit pictured: Flowery top by Zara, bought at Buffalo Exchange. Jeans, H&M. Nude flats by Steve Madden. Watch by Fossil. Nails are Lapiz of Luxury by Essie. Rings from 

Saturday Outfit pictured: Floral romper by Pinky, bought at TJ Maxx. Leather boots by Steve Madden. Burberry umbrella. 

Sunday Outfit: Striped tunic top by Ann Taylor Loft. Black jeans, H&M. Leather boots by Steve Madden. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Like most holidays in New York City, it seems that everyone I know flees Manhattan for Easter weekend. Sometimes I end up enjoying the peace and quiet in the comfort of my own apartment, and other times I do what all other native east coasters do--get out of NYC.

This weekend, taking full advantage of the spring weather, I walked 5 miles in the morning and then made my way to New Jersey via the bus, which I usually try to avoid. I've seen and heard that Jersey City has a street art culture, and I wanted to go check it out. Now, before I even begin....I just have to say, I did not expect street art like this. While I had pinpointed two murals that I wanted to see, I didn't think there would be anything else around. What I ended up finding was beautiful art down random alleys, giant murals in parking lots, and sides of houses and garages decorated in some amazing graffiti. I'm going to start from the end really quick, just because the last piece we stumbled upon was a perfect description for the day I was having! 

I am so glad that I started this blog and began exploring this passion. This is certainly a new journey, and I'm even more excited that I can share it with all of you! 

As you can see, I'm literally in an alley in Jersey City. Sounds a little sketchy. It's not my typical idea of a photo shoot for fashion and street art, but it was actually the perfect setting! I'm trying not to compare NYC street art to Jersey City, since it is sooo different, but I have to say I do love appreciating the art in quiet for a change. Usually, I'm one of 5 or 6 people taking a picture of a mural. Although not as accessible as the art spots in Manhattan that I frequent, once we were down in this area of Jersey City almost every side street and main road had a piece of art to flaunt. Love it!

 This one below was my favorite of the day. Umm, I would totally live in Jersey City if this could by my garage door!  
I had an amazing day exploring the streets of Jersey City. Most definitely the best time I've had in Jersey thus far. Not sure I would go so far to say I love NJ (see below)...but I'll be back! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I ended this great Street Art Saturday with a more literal form of street art...check out these awesome iron wings on a random side street, outside of an ironworks shop. Sweet!!


Peace & Happiness to all. Love!!

Outfit pictured: White blouse by H&M. Pink fringe scarf by H&M. Black Pants by H&M. Cognac suede boots by Ecote, from Urban Outfitters. Rastaclat bracelet. Fossil watch. Snakeskin printbag by H&M. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Although I absolutely love living on the Upper West Side, I do have to admit it's missing some of the charm and flavor that I love so much about other neighborhoods in the city. Namely, the vibes of creativity are found more within the architecture of the brownstones I can't afford than, say, two story murals on the side of a building. To each neighborhood it's own, I suppose. So every weekend, I leave the supremely clean streets of the UWS and head downtown for my adventures in street art. This weekend: a walking tour through Chinatown, SoHo, Little Italy, and Nolita. Enjoy!!! 

The first few weeks of good weather in NYC means that everyone (literally, I repeat, everyone!) comes out of hibernation. You would think that the MTA could predict this (it happens every year), but instead the weekend schedule of subways ends up being overcrowded to the point of suffocation. Joyous. 

By the time we made it down to Chinatown, I was happily ready to exchange being packed in like sardines on the subway for the classic fish smell of the neighborhood. We took a wrong turn and ended up in this alley. It sounds sketchy...but it was mostly just dirty and covered in graffiti. After a few pictures, we were back on track. 

I explained in my last post featuring the L.I.S.A. project (Love In Little Italy) that you make a left on Lafayette and you go from being in heart of Chinatown to the center of Little Italy. En route to the street art I came to find, we stumbled upon another beauty on the way. 

This piece is by Pose MSK. You can see more of this Chicago based artist's work here. He'll be back in NYC later this year to complete the 5 story mural--and based on phase 1, I can't wait to see how the rest turns out! 

And now, the original reason for today's adventure. I've been wanting to go see this art since I first saw it pop up on Instagram. The amazing, talented Shok 1--see his website here--has such a unique style. It blows my mind that art like this can be created with spray paint. I love it...!!!


I could seriously post up in front of this backdrop for days and never get tired of looking at it. The detail in the X rays makes this by far, the coolest rainbow I have ever seen. I even started blending in with the wall...tie dye and rainbows sure compliment each other well! 

On our walk up through Nolita to the Lower East Side to catch the train back uptown, we took one last detour to see a mural I've also been waiting to visit. "To Tehran With Love" by Gilf! has been up since Valentine's Day outside of Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I'm a big fan of peace signs and love bombs, and this mural is supposed to represent the "religious and ideological struggles between the middle east and the western world.” Thanks for sharing the love, Gilf! You can see more of her art on Instagram here

What a beautiful Saturday thanks to the LISA project. I can't wait to see what the neighborhood has in store for us next! Which one is your favorite?


Outfit pictured: Tie Dye top by Jessica Simpson. Jeans by H&M. Flats by Zara. Rastaclat bracelet & Fossil watch. Handbag by Michael Kors.