Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yesterday, I planned to stay in all day because my genius iPhone weather informed me it would be raining. I was skeptical when the sun was pouring into my room at 10am, but I stayed put on the couch, convinced the downpour would start any second. By 2pm, my roommate and I realized that the weather outside was too perfect to not enjoy it, even at the risk of being caught in the impending storm (which never came, btw. Fine by me!) 

When living in a city as impulsive as New York, everyone needs to have a plan to look presentable in 15 minutes or less. My plan almost always involved a sock bun and combat boots. I swear by the sock bun, as it takes less than 30 seconds (no shower necessary) and looks perfect every time. Combat boots are my go-to because they're comfortable, casual, and match everything I own. And just like that, I was in full swing weekend casual mode. I had strangers take pictures of me throughout the day, enjoyed the sunshine and random conversations, and soaked in the changing of the seasons. 

Since graduating from college, my wardrobe has gone through many renovations. Less crop tops, more blazers. Selling my 5 inch heels, buying work-appropriate wedges. Trading in my dollar-beer-dresses and casual-class-attire was depressing at first, as I made my transition into "adulthood" and felt my youth slowly slipping away....Okay, I'm being dramatic. In the grand scheme of things, it was better than I ever thought it would be. Why? Because I basically have two wardrobes! As if I needed another excuse to shop, and here I had one. Remember my work wardrobe spotlight on The Wednesday Blues? Well, this outfit is basically the casual version: royal blue and black, with a little grunge and edge.

Halfway through my walk through and around Central Park, I realized it was warm enough to take my down jacket off. PS. I was talking about this down jacket as being my go-to layering number in Winter Daze. And I'm so glad it doubles perfectly as a casual weekend jacket too--I love that it's reversible (other side is plain black) and looks more like a blazer than a quilted down. Amazing Christmas gift from Land's End! As much as I do like it, I would ALWAYS prefer not to wear a coat. Aka, California. 

My favorite part of Central Park yesterday was the obvious changing of the seasons. First, there were sooo many more people than the last time I was in Central Park, but it was far from being summer crowded. There are just starting to be spurts of green amongst all the brown, as you can see in my pictures, and it made me so excited for the bright and colorful Central Park to return to its rightful state. 

With the smell and positive vibrations of spring filling the air, I have to say that sitting by the ice skating rink and people watching was the absolute best. Here I am, with the sun beating down and wind blowing on my face, with 50 or so ice skaters behind me, enjoying a totally different Central Park. I'm glad to be saying goodbye to winter at last! 

And just to end on a beautiful note, my forever favorite place in Central Park: Strawberry Fields.

Let me take you down
'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend--and as always, thank you New York City for continually making me fall in love with you! 


Outfit: Top with Skull Butterfly, $8 at H&M. Royal Blue knit scarf, $10 at H&M. Black skinny jeans, $15 at H&M. Combat boots, $15 from a shoe boutique in Rego Park, Queens. Women's Pattern Year Round Reversible Down Jacket, $119 from Land's End. 


  1. Ice skating... in March?! Mind boggling.

    1. Kelly, I thought the same thing! The other ice skating rinks in Manhattan have been gone a few weeks now, but the weather has been so cold Central Park hasn't closed it for the season yet!