Wednesday, March 26, 2014


How do you dress when the weekend is 60 degrees and then it decides to snow? I think I'm speaking for the majority of New Yorkers when I beg Mother Nature to give me the two weeks of perfect spring weather we've all been waiting for. You know--that short period of time in between winter and the hot, humid summer months? 

Instead, I'm writing this on my couch, wrapped in blankets because my pre-war radiator also thinks it's spring. Already tired of most of my winter wardrobe, I was ransacking my closet for what would be the best spring style in winter weather. What I decided on was as much color as the gloom outside would handle. Oh, and yeah it's another sock bun. My hair dislikes the rain/cold/snow as much as the rest of me. 

I've been waiting for a reason to write a post about this coat--I am absolutely in love. My BFF Melissa moved back to California a couple of years ago, and ever since I've been making many not-so-subtle hints that the coat should live out it's beautiful life in NYC instead of in a closet in Los Angeles. Some things are just meant to be.

Ironically enough, she bought the coat in southern California. At least half of my winter coats are from SoCal too--and always on clearance, since it's literally never cold enough to warrant these styles. And while on the topic, I should also point out that my tights, booties, and scarf were also all bought in California. I've been searching for the perfect way to describe my style for some time now, but I think it can be summed up as the best of both coasts. 

I mentioned my secret to surviving the cold in my post Winter Daze--half of which is wearing fleece lined tights in any weather under 40. Maybe some of you other winter aficionados don't think 40 is that cold, but my California bones have never quite gotten used to it. Fleece lined tights basically put me back on the same level as everyone else. This skirt is basically identical to another (see The Wednesday Blues) I own--it's an all seasons staple! 

I love cognac & black together because there are so many color combinations you can play with, making it a great color scheme for the spring. My multi-colored scarf and olive green jacket don't always look good together, but the cognac of my top and gold on the booties pull the whole outfit together. Now let's just hope I don't need my umbrella! 

What's your go-to outfit in this crappy weather? Or do you just call it quits and wear sweats?!


Outfit pictured: Guess coat with fur lining, bought at Marshall's. Scarf, $1 at a thrift store. Booties, $15 at Forever 21. Fleece lined tights, $5 at TJ Maxx. Skirt, $12 at Urban Outfitters. Top, $15 at Forever 21. 

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