Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I've already decided what my favorite weekend habit this spring and summer will be--walking from my Upper West Side apartment, down Amsterdam as it turns into 10th ave., to the entrance of the Highline at 34th St. Aside from Central Park, the Highline is my favorite park (it is considered a park, right??) 

The Highline is an abandoned railroad between 10th and 11th ave that stretches from 34th St to 14th St. On any given Saturday, you can find food trucks and gelato stands, tourists and locals (some in bikinis, others in Uggs, and random 5-inch heels) all enjoying looking down on Manhattan together. Haha yeah....I'm only semi-kidding. 

Besides the people watching and snacks, though, what I really love about the Highline is the scenery that surrounds it and....well, what's below it. The Highline rises above some of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. This weekend, I convinced a couple of girlfriends to come along and we hit the (rail)road. 

Since walking without a purpose just isn't as fun, the real reason that the Highline will become my most frequented stop is because of the endless number of art galleries in the immediate area. And this is why I love the Meatpacking: boozy brunches and art galore. 

I was so annoyed at myself the last time I read about an exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery that I wanted to see, and didn't get there before it closed. When I saw pictures from his newest opening, I couldn't let myself down again. 

& I'm glad I didn't!  Welcome to the Fruit of the Doom, by Ludo. 

I'm not sure what your first impression might be, but mine was that we should be thinking of going green in a very different way. I mean, I would love to see more of NY made from carrots and skulls made out of pineapples. Just sayin...

In all seriousness, I would own so much of Ludo's art if I was a billionaire. Please save me a few pieces for when I become one! Doesn't it just look like I belong here? 

And last but not least....black & green skulls hanging from the ceiling, because Ludo can. #winning

Hope you enjoyed my walk-through of this exhibit as much as I did. Stay tuned in the coming months for more from me at Jonathan Levine's gallery exhibitions! 


Outfit Pictured: Steve Madden handbag (a gift!), Promod patterned tunic, $8 at Buffalo Exchange, Shearling coat by Katia, $10 at a thrift store, Gold studded booties, $15 on sale at Forever 21. 

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