Saturday, March 1, 2014


As a general rule, every Friday night in NYC starts out the same: with happy hour. Yesterday was no exception to the rule, but it was far from your average 5-dollar-wine-and-half-price-beer-type of happy hour. Instead, I headed down to the East Village to TT Underground, an art gallery hidden below a toy shop. 

It was the opening night for Blood, Sweat & Tears, an exhibition by the graffiti artist group TATS CRU. Their Bronx based graffiti turned them into professional muralists--and this exhibition was nothing short of amazing. There's something so fascinating about seeing graffiti style art for sale in frames and canvases. 

What I enjoyed most from this show was that although it was one group of artists, they each had their own very distinctive style. I have to say this is my favorite--I mean, what girl wouldn't love New York memorial art bedazzled in Swarovski crystals?!  

Each wall in the room felt like a gallery of it's own, except that there was hardly room to move around it was so crowded. The small price a New Yorker pays for a tip-only happy hour bar to appreciate some art. :) 

The art is on display at TT Underground, located at 91 Second Ave., from now through March 7th. You can also visit TATS CRU page directly here.

My outfit: Patterned top, Eight Sixty, $15 at Marshall's. Thick knit scarf, $10 at H&M. Not pictured: black skinny jeans & over the knee suede boots. It was just too crowded!! 

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