Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Most construction zones in New York City are abrasive, intruding, and for lack of a better word, ugly. Think steaming manholes, orange cones, and whistling construction workers. 

This being said, however, the charm and beauty of New York City is never too far out of reach, especially in a neighborhood that has long been dubbed the heart of Manhattan. 

Example 1: today, passing through Bryant Park, I stopped to press my face against the glass of a construction zone I'd never seen anything like. 5 Bryant Park is your fairly typical high rise commercial building, but currently being renovated. But what passerby's might not notice as they run to the subway in their 4 inch heels is that the lobby of this space has been converted into a street art gallery that stretches two stories high and three murals wide. I waited patiently until the artist inside took a break from his work in progress, and gave a little wave. With good fortune on my side, he came and opened the space up for me to enjoy. I just had to share with all of you! 

The artist I met, who goes by Dom Rimx, is a talented muralist from Puerto Rico/Brooklyn. The painting below was being finished today, in time to start on yet another empty wall. 

The murals pictured were done by 4 international artists, Don Rimx pictured above. The other three are Max Bode from Brooklyn, Chor Boogie from San Francisco, and Natalia Rak from Poland. 

Although once completed, the murals won't have the ambiance of ladders and fire extinguishers, I can't wait to see how it ends. Imagining a commercial office space with this as the backdrop….um, can I get a job here??

The art is viewable from the floor to ceiling windows of the building, on the corner of 40th Street and Avenue of the America's. Maybe on your next walk by, you'll even get to go inside!


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