Sunday, March 30, 2014


When bohemian accents meet gold studs and New York black, it's the perfect combination of west coast and east coast style: boho-chic. 

I'm loving the fact that yesterday's weather didn't even require a jacket. After this long and dramatic winter, I am so ready for spring and all the adventures that come with it. In honor of the beginning of spring, I spent some time on my stoop yesterday before heading down to the Lower East Side. 

This is a perfect winter to spring transitional outfit. It's not warm enough to not wear tights (not to mention I am way too pale for that right now), but the off the shoulder shirt matched with the skater skirt and accessories is just in season. Baby steps to summer! 

I always have a great time out with my girls. We first went to hookah at La Caverna, and ended at our favorite LES dive bar, the Sixth Ward. Here are a few of my favorite graffiti spots in the area!

Which is your favorite half of this style--the boho or the chic? 


Outfit pictured: Off the shoulder top, no brand from eBay, $9. Skater skirt, $12 at H&M. Booties with gold studs, $25 at Forever 21. Necklace, $10 at a jewelry boutique in SoHo. Nails, Lilacism by Essie. Bracelet by Rastaclat. Watch by Michael Kors. Handbag by Rachel Roy, $25 on eBay (originally $79). 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


How do you dress when the weekend is 60 degrees and then it decides to snow? I think I'm speaking for the majority of New Yorkers when I beg Mother Nature to give me the two weeks of perfect spring weather we've all been waiting for. You know--that short period of time in between winter and the hot, humid summer months? 

Instead, I'm writing this on my couch, wrapped in blankets because my pre-war radiator also thinks it's spring. Already tired of most of my winter wardrobe, I was ransacking my closet for what would be the best spring style in winter weather. What I decided on was as much color as the gloom outside would handle. Oh, and yeah it's another sock bun. My hair dislikes the rain/cold/snow as much as the rest of me. 

I've been waiting for a reason to write a post about this coat--I am absolutely in love. My BFF Melissa moved back to California a couple of years ago, and ever since I've been making many not-so-subtle hints that the coat should live out it's beautiful life in NYC instead of in a closet in Los Angeles. Some things are just meant to be.

Ironically enough, she bought the coat in southern California. At least half of my winter coats are from SoCal too--and always on clearance, since it's literally never cold enough to warrant these styles. And while on the topic, I should also point out that my tights, booties, and scarf were also all bought in California. I've been searching for the perfect way to describe my style for some time now, but I think it can be summed up as the best of both coasts. 

I mentioned my secret to surviving the cold in my post Winter Daze--half of which is wearing fleece lined tights in any weather under 40. Maybe some of you other winter aficionados don't think 40 is that cold, but my California bones have never quite gotten used to it. Fleece lined tights basically put me back on the same level as everyone else. This skirt is basically identical to another (see The Wednesday Blues) I own--it's an all seasons staple! 

I love cognac & black together because there are so many color combinations you can play with, making it a great color scheme for the spring. My multi-colored scarf and olive green jacket don't always look good together, but the cognac of my top and gold on the booties pull the whole outfit together. Now let's just hope I don't need my umbrella! 

What's your go-to outfit in this crappy weather? Or do you just call it quits and wear sweats?!


Outfit pictured: Guess coat with fur lining, bought at Marshall's. Scarf, $1 at a thrift store. Booties, $15 at Forever 21. Fleece lined tights, $5 at TJ Maxx. Skirt, $12 at Urban Outfitters. Top, $15 at Forever 21. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yesterday, I planned to stay in all day because my genius iPhone weather informed me it would be raining. I was skeptical when the sun was pouring into my room at 10am, but I stayed put on the couch, convinced the downpour would start any second. By 2pm, my roommate and I realized that the weather outside was too perfect to not enjoy it, even at the risk of being caught in the impending storm (which never came, btw. Fine by me!) 

When living in a city as impulsive as New York, everyone needs to have a plan to look presentable in 15 minutes or less. My plan almost always involved a sock bun and combat boots. I swear by the sock bun, as it takes less than 30 seconds (no shower necessary) and looks perfect every time. Combat boots are my go-to because they're comfortable, casual, and match everything I own. And just like that, I was in full swing weekend casual mode. I had strangers take pictures of me throughout the day, enjoyed the sunshine and random conversations, and soaked in the changing of the seasons. 

Since graduating from college, my wardrobe has gone through many renovations. Less crop tops, more blazers. Selling my 5 inch heels, buying work-appropriate wedges. Trading in my dollar-beer-dresses and casual-class-attire was depressing at first, as I made my transition into "adulthood" and felt my youth slowly slipping away....Okay, I'm being dramatic. In the grand scheme of things, it was better than I ever thought it would be. Why? Because I basically have two wardrobes! As if I needed another excuse to shop, and here I had one. Remember my work wardrobe spotlight on The Wednesday Blues? Well, this outfit is basically the casual version: royal blue and black, with a little grunge and edge.

Halfway through my walk through and around Central Park, I realized it was warm enough to take my down jacket off. PS. I was talking about this down jacket as being my go-to layering number in Winter Daze. And I'm so glad it doubles perfectly as a casual weekend jacket too--I love that it's reversible (other side is plain black) and looks more like a blazer than a quilted down. Amazing Christmas gift from Land's End! As much as I do like it, I would ALWAYS prefer not to wear a coat. Aka, California. 

My favorite part of Central Park yesterday was the obvious changing of the seasons. First, there were sooo many more people than the last time I was in Central Park, but it was far from being summer crowded. There are just starting to be spurts of green amongst all the brown, as you can see in my pictures, and it made me so excited for the bright and colorful Central Park to return to its rightful state. 

With the smell and positive vibrations of spring filling the air, I have to say that sitting by the ice skating rink and people watching was the absolute best. Here I am, with the sun beating down and wind blowing on my face, with 50 or so ice skaters behind me, enjoying a totally different Central Park. I'm glad to be saying goodbye to winter at last! 

And just to end on a beautiful note, my forever favorite place in Central Park: Strawberry Fields.

Let me take you down
'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend--and as always, thank you New York City for continually making me fall in love with you! 


Outfit: Top with Skull Butterfly, $8 at H&M. Royal Blue knit scarf, $10 at H&M. Black skinny jeans, $15 at H&M. Combat boots, $15 from a shoe boutique in Rego Park, Queens. Women's Pattern Year Round Reversible Down Jacket, $119 from Land's End. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


I've been sick all week since my last post, but luckily I saved the second half of my last post's adventure for a rainy day. It hasn't actually rained today, but don't worry--it's on the agenda for tomorrow. Welcome to "spring" in NYC! 
I have to admit that Little Italy is not one of my favorite places in this city. I've just had much, much better Italian food elsewhere. Besides, you walk one block to the left and you are basically in a fish market alley, another block and everyone wants to sell you a Rolex. Hint: they're not real. Neither are the Louis Vuitton's. 

When I first moved to New York, though, this WAS one of my favorite places. I think it was because it was one of the first places I ever went to, and since I knew how to get there by train, I kept going back. I owned a fake Versace my freshman year of college, which I probably got more compliments on than any other bag I've ever owned. When a majority of the peddlers of food and luxury watches stopped approaching me, I realized it was because they thought I was a local. YES!! I thought to myself. 

(Side note: Slowly but surely, the excited feeling of knowing others thought I belonged here wore off. Because I know I actually DO belong here.) 

Anyway, every once in a while I do enjoy the area, usually when on one of my walks from the Lower East Side to SoHo. And I forgot that amongst the street hustlers and cheesy pseudo Italians, Little Italy has an amazing array of street art. Dubbed the L.I.S.A project (Little Italy Street Art), their mission is to create the city's only mural district using local street artists and their crazy talents. Read more about the LISA project here

See for yourself! 

I really can't choose which of the following paintings is my favorite. The colors in both are so striking, and the detail is wonderful. Love, love, love in Little Italy. 

The first is part of a series called Anna and Karl by Bradley Theodore. You can follow him on Instagram here. I'm on a mission to find more of his work in NYC, so you can expect to see more of him on my page! You know I love my skeletal paintings, and the colors against the black wall just complete this. 
The last painting needed two pictures, because the detail is too great to not zoom in on. I swear I could stare at this standing on the sidewalk for hours! Right on Mulberry Street in the heart of Little Italy, this funky portrait of Audrey Hepburn just draws out the most positive of emotion. Also cannot wait to stalk out some more of Tristan Eaton's art in the city--you can follow this Brooklyn native here

Which one is your favorite?? 

Happy spring and TGIF, everyone! 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I've already decided what my favorite weekend habit this spring and summer will be--walking from my Upper West Side apartment, down Amsterdam as it turns into 10th ave., to the entrance of the Highline at 34th St. Aside from Central Park, the Highline is my favorite park (it is considered a park, right??) 

The Highline is an abandoned railroad between 10th and 11th ave that stretches from 34th St to 14th St. On any given Saturday, you can find food trucks and gelato stands, tourists and locals (some in bikinis, others in Uggs, and random 5-inch heels) all enjoying looking down on Manhattan together. Haha yeah....I'm only semi-kidding. 

Besides the people watching and snacks, though, what I really love about the Highline is the scenery that surrounds it and....well, what's below it. The Highline rises above some of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, from Chelsea to the Meatpacking district. This weekend, I convinced a couple of girlfriends to come along and we hit the (rail)road. 

Since walking without a purpose just isn't as fun, the real reason that the Highline will become my most frequented stop is because of the endless number of art galleries in the immediate area. And this is why I love the Meatpacking: boozy brunches and art galore. 

I was so annoyed at myself the last time I read about an exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery that I wanted to see, and didn't get there before it closed. When I saw pictures from his newest opening, I couldn't let myself down again. 

& I'm glad I didn't!  Welcome to the Fruit of the Doom, by Ludo. 

I'm not sure what your first impression might be, but mine was that we should be thinking of going green in a very different way. I mean, I would love to see more of NY made from carrots and skulls made out of pineapples. Just sayin...

In all seriousness, I would own so much of Ludo's art if I was a billionaire. Please save me a few pieces for when I become one! Doesn't it just look like I belong here? 

And last but not & green skulls hanging from the ceiling, because Ludo can. #winning

Hope you enjoyed my walk-through of this exhibit as much as I did. Stay tuned in the coming months for more from me at Jonathan Levine's gallery exhibitions! 


Outfit Pictured: Steve Madden handbag (a gift!), Promod patterned tunic, $8 at Buffalo Exchange, Shearling coat by Katia, $10 at a thrift store, Gold studded booties, $15 on sale at Forever 21. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014


This weekend, my girlfriends and I went to a brunch party in the Meatpacking district, called Green Eggs & Go HAM. The club, PH-D at the Dream Hotel, has an amazing rooftop view of the city.

I have to say that this is definitely the classiest we've ever done St. Patrick's day weekend in NYC--it usually involves shamrock headbands and hundreds of leprechauns drinking green beer in the West Village. 

These heels haven't seen the sun in so long!! I love them, but they don't go with a lot in my wardrobe. I'm so glad that the pointy toed heels are back in style--not that I ever stopped wearing them, but these heels are circa 2008! Perfect for spring weather, paired with florals. One thing--I'm glad I brought flats with me! Cobblestone streets in the meatpacking would have ruined these shoes by the end of the day. Or underground parking garages with graffiti rasta dogs…..

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone!


Outfit: Floral top, $15 at H&M. Black skater skirt, $15 at Necessary Clothing. Green heels, $20 at Nordstrom Rack, by Jessica Simpson. Black bandeau, $15 at American Apparel.